Pet Dental Care

Animals need to have good oral health, too. Just like people, they can have issues with their teeth and gums. At Avenue Veterinary Clinic, our pet clinic can help the pets of Tacoma, WA, have healthy mouths so that they can live healthy lives.

Pet Dental Care

Wellness Checks

We usually check on the state of your pet's mouth during an annual pet wellness exam. Bring your pet in for a yearly check-up and we'll check your pet’s oral health as a part of the exam. If it turns out that he has issues with his teeth or gums, we can have dental work done on a subsequent visit.

Why Is It Important?

Pets can have plaque, and then tartar, build up in their teeth and gums. As a result, you your pet may suffer from loose teeth as well as cause bleeding and discomfort. The bacteria, if your pet’s oral health gets bad enough, can then enter his bloodstream and cause other conditions affecting the other organs in his body.

The Dental Work

When you bring your pet in, our staff will take him in and put him under anesthesia so that we can clean his teeth. If it turns out that some are in very bad shape, then we might extract those so that there aren't other issues. Your pet may also be groggy afterwards but should be fine in a short amount of time.

What Can You Do?

Besides checking your pet's mouth every so often for signs of red or inflamed gums, you can watch him eat. If he seems reluctant to put food in his mouth, then he might be feeling pain in his teeth. You can also make sure that your pet doesn’t eat surgery foods, or at least limit the amount that he does eat, as surgery foods (people food) can make his oral health worse.

Get Veterinarian Care from a Vet Near You at Our Animal Hospital

If you live in Tacoma, WA, and want to have your pet's teeth looked at, you can bring him to our veterinary team at Avenue Veterinary Clinic. If you are looking for a pet clinic or animal hospital that has a vet near you, contact us today to make an appointment. Call us at (253)-472-3359 for the veterinarian care your pet may need.

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